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Delivering start-to-finish database management solutions and cloud-based tailor-made software for all aspects of publishing.

Perception Software & Services is a customer-orientated organisation with over 25 years' experience in designing bespoke bureau services and developing quality software solutions for sales, content and audience management.

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Bureau Services

Professional mangement of your audience data

With the expertise and knowledge that comes with over a quarter of a century’s successful trading, you can have total confidence in our ability to manage your audience data. This includes supporting your paid and controlled circulation, plus event delegates and attendees.

We ensure that your data insight remains of premium quality and our fully trained UK-based team fully understands the significance of reliable data to the success of your business.

We offer unlimited demographics against each audience member under one complete single customer view, automatic paid subscriptions and requested reader renewal support via the integrated email marketing suite. If required, we also facilitate the transmission of all your third party email advertisements and newsletters.

Contact us for a more detailed discussion on how we can fulfil your specific data needs.

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Keeping an eye on your contacts

Contacts are the lifeblood of your sales operation: the more you know about them, the more successful your business will be. A customer relationship management (CRM) system is therefore invaluable to your business, and ours is not only simple to use, flexible & intuitive, but also provides the maximum information about your clients, both existing and new.

Our software brings together all aspects of the publisher CRM - ad sales, finance, production, and subscription across all platforms including digital, print and events.

Our services are originated and managed by our own dedicated team of professionals based here in the UK and fulfilled online, which means that all that is required from you is access to the internet in order to use our system.

All our products and services come with a fully comprehensive guarantee and are available by subscription.

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Change the way you interface with your content.

Our content management system will revolutionise the way you manage and modify your content. We can ensure you see immediately who reads your articles, and that you are offering content and advertisements tailor-made for each specific reader. In addition we can help you to paywall any chosen content at any given time.

Publisher: CMS dovetails into the same database as your sales team and online audience, providing premium analytics on your readers, articles and advertisers.

The style of the system can be modified to complement your corporate identity, and our easy-to-use administrative cloud-based module enables the posting of images and content remotely and at any time, and to one or all your brands and sites.

Automatic social media posting allows you to prepare content in the background to be released to the relevant accounts as and when needed.

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