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Audience Management (AMS)

Publisher::AMS ~ Audience & Subscription Management

Stay in control of your subscriptions

Grow your audience with Perception::Suite.

Keep control of your subscription and event delegate revenues with the Audience Management Software build on experience. Find out everything about your subscriber through the Single Customer View. Maximise your revenue by spotting the up-sell opportunities from the knowledge gained through the customer tracking.

As you would expect renewal sequences are fully configurable and automated. Support for percentage discount, monetary discount, gifts and extended periods (products or duration) all built into the core product. Subscribers are able to self-service through the front end system adding payment options via Direct Debit or Card Payments.

One click auditing for both the ABC and BPA eases your audit production for both controlled and paid subscriptions. Powerful selection and extraction capabilities allow you to tailor readership of an issue, or marketing activity to a distinct segment of the database, ensuring your products are read by those most interested and your marketing by those most likely to convert.

Primary Features

Single Customer View providing all primary functions in one location including renewals, claims and general maintenance. Complete 360-degree view of all customer data.
Sophisticated Renewals using any combination of channel, timing with configurable options for price offers and gift offers. Detailed response reporting and analysis of take-up. Automatically scheduled and distributed when due.
A plethora of reports and analysis producing your business intelligence in a human readable form, and allowing isolation of key performance indicators.
Support for Print, Digital, Events and Conferences, both free and paid status. No additional software required.
Subscribers can self-serve through a your dedicated and themed WebServe portal, allowing renewal processing -for both paid and free subscribers, as well as general address amendments directly into the database.
Highly configurable with an unlimited choice of questions and possible answers ensures you can built the business intelligence you desire. Powerful extraction and analysis tools to leverage the intelligence into revenue.
API Access to the database providing back the status of a readers subscription, allows Web Developers to add pay-wall and free-wall control to your existing web site.
Circulation analysis reports showing snap shots of mission critical data such as renewal rates, expiry and audit projections provide the ammunition for dedicated marketing plans.
Integrated Email software gives real-time analysis of your campaign. Send your newsletters through the email system and build on your business intelligence with full open and click analysis.
GDPR compliance built into the software, including "forget me" processing. Accurately worded permission questions on all forms and complete transactional history of all inbound and outbound contact points.
Customisable Audience dashboard provides the information you need quickly at your finger tips, in easy to understand graphical display.
It's the software we use in our own bureau services. Choose the level of usage you want in your organisation from fully in-house through to full bureau services or any level in-between.